Sheila Fleet

Sheila Fleet left school at 15 with no qualifications but a passion for art and drawing.  In 1963 she gained entry to Edinburgh College of Art and was recognized for her designs. After completing her dipolma and post dipolma she was awarded a small bursary, which enabled her to work in London. Awarded with the Helena Rose Bequest, Sheila travelled extensively in Germany, Switzerland and Holland visiting leading designers of the time.


After her travels Sheila spent 8 years with Corocraft, the world's largest and leading costume jewellery company of the 1960's but in 1977 relocated to Orkney with her husband. She joined a local jewellery company as their first professional designer and modelmaker. Then in 1993, after working for 26 years in the jewellery industry, Sheila decided to set up her own business, designing and manufacturing jewellery.